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spunQ now available

Posted 2008-03-04

Filed under: database, release, spunq 1.3

we fixed some bugs in spunQ 1.3 which are now contained in the release.

some issues having been done:

- bugfix in getRelatedUsers()
- class livesearch returned duplicates in the case of a class containing relations
- advanced search was modified to handle members of datatype 2 and 8 properly
- relation links repaired in object preview
- help sections [?] in forms are no longer in tab order
- object view create statement is now contained in the mysql dump

>> Download Page

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it goes on - spunQ 2.0 in development

Posted 2007-03-09

Filed under: spunq 2.0, interface

only three weeks after the release of spunQ 1.3, the development for the next version has already began...

one very convenient feature in spunQ 2.0 will be the automatic generation of forms in the frontend based on the class member definitions in the backend, including all available interface elements and ajax checks as well as individual context help areas for each field. thus, it will become very fast and easy to create and modify interfaces in the frontend, saving a lot of html work. however, the adaptability of the form appearance will completely remain as each form element will get its own css id.

in general, the backend and the frontend is progressively merged which will make the code even more efficient and easier to maintain. all important backend methods - e.g. for saving object data - will be available in the frontend, saving also php coding time.

additionally, some typical web 2.0 features will find their way into the spunQ core, such as automatically generated tag clouds as well as comment and rating modules.

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spunQ newsletter module available

Posted 2007-02-19

Filed under: release

the brand new spunQ newsletter module is available from now on!

this module is an extended spunq backend with the following features:

- easy-to use user management tool
- tagging of users
- creation and management of newsletter drafts
- sending of newsletters to defined groups of users
- saving of sent newsletters
- recipient selection via an intuitive tag search...
- ... or by performing an AJAX full-text live search through all userdata
- saving of selections as predefined queries which will automatically update
- for those preferring snail-mail: creation of address labels upon user defined label measurements
- cvs export of all or selected addresses

check out the demo version at demo.newsletter.spunq.com!

(the newsletter module is not part of the open-source spunQ package.)

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spunQ 1.3 ready for download

Posted 2007-02-15

Filed under: release, spunq 1.3

we finished version 1.3 of spunQ database modeller. its ready for download on spunq.com/download
The online demonstation is updated to the new vesion. get a quick overview about how spunQ works and whats the look and feel of the project.

here ist the changelog for the new version:

changelog for 1.3 general:
- new smarty version included 2.6.14
see smarty changelog for more information

- new fckeditor version included 2.3.1
see fckeditor changelog for more information:
http://www.fckeditor.net/whatsnew (for the current release)

- changed filestructure
spunq.admin.1.2 -> backend
(see spunq1.3 technical documentation section: XX)

- control elements
all controls are removed from the database. they are in
spunq1.3/backend/controls/ now. the database table controls exists still
and is used for references between members and the control elements
itself. control-source is called by control_call_name

- new control elements:
- date checker per javascript (dynarch.com)

- security
- bugs in content permissions (spunq.class.php)

- performance
- changed rights ontology (spunq.class.php / index.php)

- ajax check for control elements
- new table control_check referes to sourcecodes in the filestructure

- livesearch included using ajax elements
- search directly for object names
- search class content
- new advanced search

- changed some icons to get more usability in the interface

- extended editfunctions for objects in the objectview
- logical changes on new objects and new versions of an object

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Documentation System

Posted 2007-02-12 | 1 comment

Filed under: release, usability, spunq 1.3

spunQ has got a systemwide documentation for administration and development. Please see http://help.spunq.com. The whole content will be available in the download of spunQ1.3 as an odt/pdf file.

The content is subdivided in parts for:
- installation and configuration
- a general discription how spunQ works
- the spunQ backend
- the spunQ frontend
- some advanced topics
- and a content summary about files and tables

last contents

>>>>>> latest items as rss